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Organic Lawn Care

Organic-Based Lawn Care

ProLawn “Being Organic-Based is Our #1 Priority”

There are two principal reasons we use our organic approach in our lawn services:

1) We care about you and your family

2) We care about the environment in the Shenandoah Valley, Northern Virginia, Eastern West Virginia
    and Southwest Maryland. It’s as simple as that.

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How Lawns are Used

Most lawns are far more than a pretty view. The lawns we service in Virginia and West Virginia are used to entertain family and friends and also allowing family pets to enjoy the outside. We love to watch children play in the yard and roll around in the grass. So why would we want to use chemicals that might endanger these guests, pets, and children? This is our most important reason for approaching your lawn as organically as possible by incorporating safe practices.

Being Green and Environmentally Responsible is a Key Goal

However, there is more and it all starts with our rich history …

Prolawn’s Founders: Focus on Environment & Organic Care

For over half a century, traditional lawn fertilization involved applying large quantities of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potash (NPK) annually. Since ProLawn opened its doors in 1981, the Winchester Virginia Founders wanted to focus on environmentally friendly ways to grow and maintain beautiful lawns. One of the most significant factors for emphasizing the organic approach was living and servicing lawns in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Scientific studies have shown that excess runoff of Nitrogen and Phosphorous fuel the growth of unwanted algae, which in turn threatens the health of underwater life such as oysters and blue crabs.

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