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What is slit seeding and why is it Important?

30 Oct 2014 14:50

Slit Seeding Benefits from ProLawn The lawn is the first noticeable feature of any home or property, and it visually frames the entire space. Unfortunately, maintaining a healthy, lush lawn is no easy feat. Lawns suffer from poor soil, bad weather, pests, and many other issues. Potential problems that weeds… Read More»

Lawn Renovation: Yard Care Tips

3 Jul 2014 19:19

Hot weather can take a serious toll on lawns and you may be noticing signs of stress in your turf as the summer wears on.

Wiregrass: A More Frequent Problem

20 May 2014 16:34

With Spring here, wiregrass is becoming more and more a frequent problem to deal with.

Nimblewill: An Invasive Southern Weed Grass

20 May 2014 16:33

Nimblewill is another invasive southern weed grass that is becoming a more common problem in our service area.

Watering: How much water does a lawn need?

20 May 2014 08:00

In general, cool-season grasses need about one to 1.5 inches of water per week to maintain green color and active growth.

Seeding: should I overseed? what type of seed?

20 May 2014 07:59

What type of seed should I use, when is the best time to seed? These are just some of the question you should be asking!

Aeration: Aerate your lawn on a regular basis.

20 May 2014 07:58

A beautiful lawn needs a good foundation and that foundation is the soil in which it grows. There's more to it than just watering!

Mowing: stop cutting your grass too short!

15 May 2014 08:00

Mowing your lawn, although overlooked, greatly effects your lawn’s appearance and general health.

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